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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daniel Spins his Wheels

Mommy has me going in circles. Literally. In her latest attempt to "entertain" me while she tries to get some work done, she has employed the exer-saucer. (Thanks Dee, Bess and Simmie!) In other words, I am confined and safe and entertained for a short while, but also hands-free so mommy can use two hands to type on her laptop.

Barely touching

The reason it has come to this, me in the exer-saucer:

Me and Lucie, my partner in crime...
...conspiring to keep mommy from working. 
Or are we arch enemies vying for our own spot on mommy's lap? Hm.
Now if only we had another computer, a dedicated line meant solely for the daily Skype-a-thons with Mimi and sometimes GongGong with occasional appearances by Zia Emilia. (Those names are a mouthful!) Then mommy would definitely have more time to herself on her laptop to do some work.

Actually I'm liking this exersaucer. It beats being on my back, which is how I spend most of my day.

Meanwhile, when Lucie isn't vying for mommy's lap, she's attacking birds on tv. Silly cat, doesn't she know tv isn't real? I'm a baby and even I know that!


  1. He is darling!! We call that contraption "the circle of neglect" ;) It adds much entertainment! Hope your legs are feeling great and your head is clear too. 8 more weeks for me until my marathon. Can't wait!

  2. The circle of neglect! Yes - exactly! You are going to do great in your marathon and I cannot wait to hear all about it.