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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going Cardio!

Note my tres cool onesy. More info on this later.
It was supposed to be very rainy and wintry here. But the actual weather is an anti-climactic partly cloudy, super windy day with sputters of rain here and there. 

And so was my appointment anti-climactic. No team of experts. No surgeons. And only one doctor, the nice one, he's French and he chirps like a bird to me. And, no new news, just "Don't call us, we'll call you"(hopefully next week, they said) regarding surgery. Yes, I still need surgery (miracles to the contrary still welcome!). But no, it is not an emergency. That whole scare of "must have surgery by 7 months" will come and go on March 15 and I will probably be closer to 8 months when surgery happens. April perhaps?

Blood pressure and O2 saturation testing. Fun!

Besides all that, it was a lovely day at the hospital, as far as days at the hospital can go. I flirted with the nurse as she took my blood pressure. I put on my curiously serious look as one of the doctors observed me in the waiting room. "Meod philosophi" he said about me (very philosophical). Yes, you should only know, doctor. (Remind me to make business cards with my blog address.)
That cute nurse was the target of my flirtations.

Note how I seduced her with my charming toes.
When I was brought into the examination room I saw the long flat bed waiting for me. Playtime! I instantly started shimmying around the bed pumping my legs and then I even rolled over dragging with me the ultrasound machine with all of its wires and buttons attached to my chest.

This, apparently, was counterproductive. Thanks to that intense workout I was breathing hard, rendering impossible an accurate reading of the ultrasound. As I rested, I suddenly noticed the TV monitor above me -- that was my heart on the screen! Fascinating. I stared and studied with rapt attention. I think I'll be a cardiologist when I grow up. I know it is early to declare a specialty, but I dare say, this is a thrilling possibility. 

In line with this new career, I placed my hands on the doctors' and assisted him in running the probe over my chest. See, I'm practically an MD already! I basically conducted my own ultrasound. I wish mommy got pictures of that lifetime milestone, but she and her camera were separated at that crucial moment unfortunately. Oh well, you'll just have to trust me.

Afterwards, I took a winner nap while abba and mommy drank some cappuccinos at a hospital cafe. Photos below.

So, no news yet, as usual. But I'll keep you posted!

My awesome onesy and other amazing art by Jean Shen can be found here:

The reason my mother speaks to me in English rather than relying
on the Israeli school system to do so. Note "toest" and "sandwitch"

Later mommy noticed, while "salt" is spelled correctly for salt,
what they intended to write was "salat" in Hebrew, meaning "salad" in English. Yikes!

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