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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tis the Season!

Happy Holidays = Happy Children! We found a Christmas tree!!
Of course, we decorated one as well.
Yes it's that time of the year again. A time of giving and sharing. A time of home and family. You can feel it in the air -- and you'll catch it if you aren't careful. It's a time when not one, not two but three children give and share the gift of a virus. And they stay home. As one big happy family.

Yes, winter is here.

Albeit with the temperature at 60+ degrees Fahrenheit, it begs the question, what winter? Aside from the snow machine at the YMCA Christmas Festival, we barely need jackets.

So why are we all sick? The timing is uncanny and actually even a medical doctor would vacillate between calling this a biological bug vs. an emotional ailment. Because after six weeks of bliss, Mimi and GongGong have left us to return to New York. Lucas already had a fever, perhaps in anticipation of their departure. But both Raia and I came down with our own just as their plane touched down in New York City. Literally, within the same hour.

Raia and I were quite cognizant of the
devastating circumstances about to befall us...
...While Lucas was delirious with fever. 
Raia made it tough on the grandparents

We have been diagnosed with a grave auto-immune malady - GDS: Grandparent Deprivation Syndrome.

According to WebMD for Babies:
Symptoms include: Fever. Moaning and whining. Sugar addiction. Bad Glorious habits including falling asleep only if an adult strokes your back and snacking all day long... on sugar-related products and white bread!  
Prognosis: Weeks of forlorn and cranky children. Sugar withdrawal. Some All may develop a fever. If fever persists for several months or exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit, see a medical professional or run to the nearest hospital. Or buy five plane tickets.
Cure: None ... until the next grandparent visit.
After six weeks of daily grandparent love and spoiling and a splendid "Fake Christmas" day with them last week, replete with gifts, tea biscuits, an Italian Pandora and hot spiced cider, we are back to our regimen of reality.

And so we crashed. Our spirits sank while our temperatures soared. We cried and moaned. We sulked. We extended our current school break from Hanukkah, endeavoring to carry it on to Christmas and perhaps the New Year as well.

In other words, Christmas is canceled this year. AGAIN!! Recall this incident??

And we miss you desperately, Mimi and GongGong! But, no guilt. No, not from us.