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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daniel, the Lady's Man

On the table at a restaurant.
Prime place to meet girls.

The following video has the potential to go viral. Here I am at school, caught on video, showing the skills I've already honed, at age 1, of being a lady's man. Now of course this wasn't an official part of the school day, it was simply one of the life lessons I have already mastered: charm. 

As you will hear from the excited chatter, the teachers were also very impressed with my savvy and how I charmed Ahuvi into responding to my air kisses.

At 1, I am quite capable of discerning between the genders. I've been accused of flirting with various waitresses, teachers, supermarket clerks and other young girls I meet on a daily basis. I regard the men a bit differently. I may offer a smile, but it is always after careful consideration. In fact, I give mommy kisses when she asks, but not abba despite his persistent requests. Kisses are for girls ... until I turn 8 or so and find them yucky for the next five to seven years.

Mommy gets kisses upon request

Here I am on the table at Bulghourji
restaurant in the Armenian Quarter

I work on my motor skills by grabbing
the camera strap

Then I identify my target. In this case, Debi 

I turn around to fully face her
and throw my charm her direction

Starting to make my move

Here I come

At this point, she's puddy in my hands

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holiday Pudding

I only have feeding issues if you don't feed me 

Here I am upset because someone is making me reach for my spoon

I acquiesced. Once.

Much better

Not funny!

I just started school and yet, thanks to the glut of Jewish holidays we get in the fall, I'm already on vacation! Here are some videos of some more of what we learned in school, and as you will see, this was certainly something unconventional: being encouraged to get messy!

As you will see in this series of three videos, I am not one of the babies in the world (and that would probably include nearly all babies in the world) who like to get their hands dirty. The play by play speaks for itself, but as you will see, I had no problem eating the chocolate pudding - as long as it was off of someone else's fingers. When I first plunged my hand into the pudding, I quickly realized my mistake and tried to shake off the ick. To no avail. As you will also see, the teachers very wisely stripped us down to diapers before we began this exercise.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

Weekends are for sleeping late

Abba and I slept in unison: synchronized sleeping
Last week was a week of milestones. First was simply starting school. But that occurred with mommy, Mimi and GongGong nearby, if not active participants in my day. Then the next day I weathered school by myself with mommy and abba in the wings, trying to hide, but not succeeding since I did spy them at various intervals. On the third day, the milestone escalated again. I was dropped off and bid adieu to my parents who were supposed to leave me there.

And then, for the biggest milestone of all, on the fourth day of school, I was sent to school on a bus. Yes, a baby, in a car seat, handed over to total strangers in a dingy van that took me to school all alone. If I thought I was a big boy then, I was forced to grow into total maturity by the fourth day.

I knew something was odd when my parents did not coax me back to sleep at 6:20 a.m. This is not an early morning household. But there were my parents all chipper at this strange hour, whisking me into new clothes, a fresh diaper and even some shovel-ready oatmeal to tide me over until breakfast, some 2.5 hours later. Then at 6:45 we headed for the outdoors, another unheard of action for this family at this hour. I was hugged and kissed countless times until I was finally strapped into my car seat and sealed with a pacifier. Then a beige van pulled up and I was handed over for my trip to school. Luckily for me I slept. My parents fretted though for the next hour until they received a phone call from Shalva that I received safe and sleeping, and then smiling when I saw Gabriela and all my friends. As you will see in the following photos, I had a very exciting day. (Photos courtesy of Shalva)

Me and my classmates

Music lessons. I'm going to be a rock star when I grow up!

I hogged the strings

Look out, Jimi Hendrix

Here I was teaching the teacher some new riffs

Top is off with some "food" and it was a stellar day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My First Day of "School"

Something big is about to happen.
I am not quite sure what though.

I came. 

I saw. 

I ... cried.

It was my first day of "school" ever on Monday. Back to Shalva for me, and not just weekly, but every day Sunday through Thursday. This is a hefty schedule for a little baby such as myself, but apparently it is time for me to grow up. Accompanied by mommy, GongGong and Mimi on the first day, and then mommy and abba today, I braved the unknown. It was, in the words of a famous author whose books I've yet to read, the best of times. And, it was the worst of times.

But to begin with the positive, there are many pluses to this new set up: I am surrounded by pretty girls all day. I get to play a lot. I am making new friends. And I have pool privileges once a week. 

Nevertheless, I cried. A lot. It was all a bit overwhelming. I am used to being the only one who is eating/fed at one time and usually don't have to wait very long for anything I need. Plus the day usually revolves around me. But now I am required to revolve around the day. Or at least I'm supposed to. And that's where the crying comes in. 

All geared up and ready to go. I think.

Of course there are also technical advantages to my being in school, especially at Shalva. I will meet other pretty girls for various therapies involving talking, more playing, swimming and eating. 

Speaking of food, my palette is proving to be a tad too distinguished for the meals they are serving here. I think I got spoiled being in New York, plus I inherited Italian taste buds. How do I explain that I have already been privy to gnocchi with bolognese sauce and homemade ravioli when they think I am still stuck on tomato puree? This was a surefire cause for some of those tears I shed. I think my food experience here will be akin to boot camp, so perhaps you could call this my early taste of army service. 

I got to know and like Gabriela, who is in my class (or helps the teacher run the class) 

Lots of toys and space for me to roam

Feeding time!