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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daniel, the Lady's Man

On the table at a restaurant.
Prime place to meet girls.

The following video has the potential to go viral. Here I am at school, caught on video, showing the skills I've already honed, at age 1, of being a lady's man. Now of course this wasn't an official part of the school day, it was simply one of the life lessons I have already mastered: charm. 

As you will hear from the excited chatter, the teachers were also very impressed with my savvy and how I charmed Ahuvi into responding to my air kisses.

At 1, I am quite capable of discerning between the genders. I've been accused of flirting with various waitresses, teachers, supermarket clerks and other young girls I meet on a daily basis. I regard the men a bit differently. I may offer a smile, but it is always after careful consideration. In fact, I give mommy kisses when she asks, but not abba despite his persistent requests. Kisses are for girls ... until I turn 8 or so and find them yucky for the next five to seven years.

Mommy gets kisses upon request

Here I am on the table at Bulghourji
restaurant in the Armenian Quarter

I work on my motor skills by grabbing
the camera strap

Then I identify my target. In this case, Debi 

I turn around to fully face her
and throw my charm her direction

Starting to make my move

Here I come

At this point, she's puddy in my hands

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  1. I just can't even deal with this video. It's not fair!!!