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Friday, April 19, 2013

Scaling Sofas and Shelves - the New Norm!

Back in the swing of things - OT at Shalva

It has been about three weeks since we got back home from our visit to New York. After merely three nights, we had already returned to Israel time, which is actually miraculous and somewhat shocking considering it usually takes a full week. Since the fourth night when we slept through, mommy and abba went to bed in trepidation each night wondering if it had been just a fluke or if we would truly sleep like champions. That is why there was a ban on reporting that bit of good news for so long.

Coming back to our apartment, mommy and abba had certain worries about what they would encounter after  4 weeks of baby development. They knew any time now Lucas would be scaling the sofa with me, and that this would threaten the safe haven of remotes, iPad, chargers and lamps that lurk behind the cushions or above the couch.

And sure enough Lucas can now, rather dangerously, get onto the sofa, ferret out all the hidden objects, change the TV settings, throw the iPad and pull the lamp off of the window sill.

But what they didn't anticipate was Lucas climbing the shelves. Now that is a scary prospect. Let's just say the our own Homeland Security is always on high alert whenever the babies are home and on the move.

New hairdo for Lucas