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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And We Have Breakthrough

Raia laughs off her beauty sleep!

Nearly a month after this recent post, Aria of the Teething Baby, was written, enamel has emerged from one of Raia's bulging gums on top. Just on one side and just a smidgen, but finally, some breakthrough.

I suppose that means we can rest in peace at night for awhile now. Oh wait, no we can't! Because Raia is cooking up another tooth! And because I, despite a mouth full of ivories, impede my own respite. And have confounded the medical world as to why I do not sleep through the night.

Despite this being the Middle East, this is
not what you think
Okay, maybe not confounded completely. But we must wait three weeks for a report on this recent debacle:

  1. A night at the sleep lab. 
  2. The eve before the first day of school. 
  3. At the hospital. 
Three strikes.

So there was me, somehow laced with about 2 dozen wires protruding from my head, legs, neck, chin, chest, etc etc. There is really no explanation for how I managed a short and disjointed 5 hours of sleep that night at all (10 p.m. to midnight, then 3 to 6 a.m.).

And since I dismantle my own bed at home every morning, it is an indescribable miracle that 1. I did not dismantle the hospital bed and 2. that I did not pull out every single wire attached to my body. Only three were pulled out. But on the other hand, some glue is still stuck in my hair.

Can anyone really sleep like this? Let alone a baby?

Now if only they could read my thoughts as well...