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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Common Core Math: 3/3=2 (Solution: The Third Child has turned Two)

This is love

This is tolerance

Today is the auspicious occasion of Raia's second birthday. It was not supposed to be today and the three of us were not supposed to be this close together in age. However, Raia has been her own person with her own opinions and ideas - even extending to her birth date - for two+ years now.

In fact, Raia was supposed to put at least two years between herself and Lucas. But she forced her way into the world two months early, and has never looked back. She has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Without a vestige of "preemie" left in her blood.

Now, we have a gap of three years and three months between the eldest and youngest: 1.4. between me and Lucas and 1.11 between Lucas and Raia.

I suppose one must be strong if he or she is the third child, especially following this particular Act 1 (moi) and Act 2 (Lucas) in our family. Because we are also sort of pushy and strong-willed and extremely dramatic plus all those other wonderful adjectives that describe extremely outgoing, independent and supremely self-confident children.

Welcome to the toddler+ world Raia! She had her first cognizant
experience at the zoo last week. She was too young to care on prior trips.

I doubt two months extra en utero would have made a dramatic difference in the ease of handling us three babies, but it certainly didn't make it any easier. If birth circumstances dictate one's personality then Raia was born to be a bucking bronco. She will one day have to recount her entire birth story, which essentially took place over the course of one month, but suffice it to say that she handles herself with aplomb amid two older brothers. Fear is not a factor. And getting bumped or pushed doesn't phase this girl, sometimes known as Godzilla.

Leading the charge!
Despite the fact that it defies reason, there is somewhat of a case for having three babies close together. It is called Compacted Cuteness. You have a cuteness overload squeezed into a few years rather than spread over time (in addition to sleep deprivation, infant and toddler milestones). And as a bonus, after you've survived the early years, the parents can look forward to having three teenagers simultaneously!

Birds of a feather, bird watching  

The three wise men

The three stooges?

Charlie's Angels??

School strike! Yes there are children beneath those backpacks.