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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My First Day of "School"

Something big is about to happen.
I am not quite sure what though.

I came. 

I saw. 

I ... cried.

It was my first day of "school" ever on Monday. Back to Shalva for me, and not just weekly, but every day Sunday through Thursday. This is a hefty schedule for a little baby such as myself, but apparently it is time for me to grow up. Accompanied by mommy, GongGong and Mimi on the first day, and then mommy and abba today, I braved the unknown. It was, in the words of a famous author whose books I've yet to read, the best of times. And, it was the worst of times.

But to begin with the positive, there are many pluses to this new set up: I am surrounded by pretty girls all day. I get to play a lot. I am making new friends. And I have pool privileges once a week. 

Nevertheless, I cried. A lot. It was all a bit overwhelming. I am used to being the only one who is eating/fed at one time and usually don't have to wait very long for anything I need. Plus the day usually revolves around me. But now I am required to revolve around the day. Or at least I'm supposed to. And that's where the crying comes in. 

All geared up and ready to go. I think.

Of course there are also technical advantages to my being in school, especially at Shalva. I will meet other pretty girls for various therapies involving talking, more playing, swimming and eating. 

Speaking of food, my palette is proving to be a tad too distinguished for the meals they are serving here. I think I got spoiled being in New York, plus I inherited Italian taste buds. How do I explain that I have already been privy to gnocchi with bolognese sauce and homemade ravioli when they think I am still stuck on tomato puree? This was a surefire cause for some of those tears I shed. I think my food experience here will be akin to boot camp, so perhaps you could call this my early taste of army service. 

I got to know and like Gabriela, who is in my class (or helps the teacher run the class) 

Lots of toys and space for me to roam

Feeding time!

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  1. Elan loves Daniels bag!!! You must have posted the good pictures...looks like he had a good time.