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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holiday Pudding

I only have feeding issues if you don't feed me 

Here I am upset because someone is making me reach for my spoon

I acquiesced. Once.

Much better

Not funny!

I just started school and yet, thanks to the glut of Jewish holidays we get in the fall, I'm already on vacation! Here are some videos of some more of what we learned in school, and as you will see, this was certainly something unconventional: being encouraged to get messy!

As you will see in this series of three videos, I am not one of the babies in the world (and that would probably include nearly all babies in the world) who like to get their hands dirty. The play by play speaks for itself, but as you will see, I had no problem eating the chocolate pudding - as long as it was off of someone else's fingers. When I first plunged my hand into the pudding, I quickly realized my mistake and tried to shake off the ick. To no avail. As you will also see, the teachers very wisely stripped us down to diapers before we began this exercise.


  1. Only kid not playing in his food...too funny!!

  2. Well, Daniel you inherited "Spagnoli" genes. Way to go!