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Monday, March 21, 2011

Look Up!

Quick, can you tell me how many light bulbs are on the ceiling? Don’t look. no cheating!

Well, I know how many there are. That’s because I’m a baby. In my short life, I have spent most of my time looking up. Literally. I know that adults use that expression “look up” to help you focus on the positive side of things, but the truth is that I automatically look up.

For the first few weeks of my life, except for those rare episodes of tummy time, most of my days were lived on my back. So I noticed things that most people did not. While mommy cramped her neck gazing lovingly down at me all the time, or her computer, or the sink while washing dishes, or most of her daily tasks, I was looking up. Looking up at mommy and abba. Looking at the bright blue sky. Gazing at the stars. Checking out the toys strategically hung above me. Looking at the light bulbs on the ceiling. And counting them.

Apparently, its a whole new world up there, one upon which most humans do not focus. But its the only world I know. Since birth, everything has hovered above me. And what a lovely perspective it has been, so bright and captivating.

Looking up is biblical too in many ways. We are supposed to set our minds on things above. That is probably why Jesus wants us to become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. He probably meant babies, but he just included all children because he is a nice guy, after all.

Now that I am rolling, I see that there is more to the world than sky and lights. However, mommy tells me to enjoy it while I can. Because pretty soon I’ll be like other humans - I’ll spend my life looking down. And getting a cramp in my neck.

But take it from me, a baby, try looking up. It’s worth your while.

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