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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daniel the Party Animal

Perhaps this seems backwards, but before ever being privy to long road trips in a car, I’ve been overseas twice in an airplane. This past weekend we rectified that and jumped in the car to head for a wedding in Tel Aviv and then a weekend retreat at a kibbutz near Beer Sheva.

This was my very first wedding in my life. Congratulations to Donovan and Merav! My parents adorned me in my Springboks rugby jersey (the South African team for my American audience - watch Invictus) in honor of the groom. 

Am I missing something here?

And even I got to eat. Mommy foraged at the buffet table for edibles for me and fortunately the spinach was mushy enough for my gums and the same shade of green as my jersey. 

Afterwards, on this faux summer day in March, we jumped in the car again and headed south, perhaps the furthest south I’ve been in my life, to a weekend getaway where we met up with lots of friends. The weather was warm and delightful, the views were green and farm-like, the quiet was refreshing compared to the hustle and hysteria of Jerusalem and Mordor.

But most of all, the best part for me, was the constant attention that I received. 

Majed teaching me the intricacies of mobile phones
(after he learned all about his new phone from abba)

There are benefits to being the smallest and youngest member of a group. I must take advantage as long as this lasts. And boy did I milk it this weekend. I got passed around like a hot potato. I had  women and men fighting over me. I just glowed and basked in the spotlight.

I apologize for all the "almost alike" photos, but mommy
can never decide which ones not to use.

This weekend was the holiday of Purim and in Israel that means, basically Halloween. Although it is a biblical holiday celebrating the story of Esther, everyone dresses up. Short of any massive waves of creativity, my parents dressed me as a rodent, albeit a cute one. Abba picked out all of our costumes (I was busy consuming mommy’s time as she was the only purveyor of attention for me last week). Apparently my father is already getting me used to being a teenager and being abjectly embarrassed of him.
A rodent yes, but a cute one

How did Elan grow his hair into an afro so fast?

Someday this will come back to haunt us all.
This was followed by yet another Purim party, back in Jerusalem, at abba’s place of work. I was redressed as a mouse and we attended the party, which was replete with a deejay and wild dance music. It was a lot of fun and it made me realize, I am quite the party animal.

However, all this partying has left me with a touch of laryngitis: 

And for more Purim photos (because mommy still cannot resist):

Cat and mouse games

Copy cat! Or copy mouse?

Really? Mice do not suck their thumbs?

And the winners of the Purim costume party!

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  1. Daniel is sooooo delicious!!! I just wanna eat him up!! What amazing parents you two are, too. Wow, we miss you guys. And praying for you as the Marathon approaches. M1 (or is it M2?) is lonely for runs in hoo. We are cheering you on, Nicole!!!! Woohoo!! Melissa