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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daniel's Busy and Adventurous Week

If it wasn't my schedule it was mommy's. Or it was Mimi's daily Skype marathon from New York, starring me. Or the internet at home just didn't work as was the case several evenings this week. Basically, I was just plain busy this week, too busy to blog. Did you miss me?

Well I'm back! And I'd like to take you on a tour of my very interesting week.

On Saturday I met some friends from England for the first time. They bought me a cute outfit they sent over when I was first born. It was the only outfit that fit me those first few early weeks.

Thanks Michael and Anthea! Nice to meet you!

Then I had "spa day" at Shalva. Here's me in the pool!

It all started well enough.

Then I started getting skeptical.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one!

On Monday, more spa-like activities. This was "play time with Ayala," one of my many fine physical therapists.

Me on a bouncing ball.
Afterwards, a culinary adventure! Mommy took me to my first hummus place, fittingly, with Aunt Majda, who was indoctrinating me on the intricacies of why Hummus Lina is the best. While abba agrees with her, mommy likes Gamal the best. But I'll be the judge when they take me there.
At first I opted for my burp rag. Yum!
Soon though, I dove in like the good Middle Easterner that I am. More yum!

Then on Tuesday, mommy had her own schedule so I met up with Grandma for a short date. Here's me arriving in the Old City on my carriage.

In between all this mommy managed to squeeze in a few runs and is now in the best phase of marathon training: tapering! This means she runs a lot less. 

During one of those short runs on Tuesday, abba took me out for a stroll and we picked up some sushi. He didn't let me taste it for some reason, but mommy gave some to Lucie - not fair! But this is apparently what happens also during marathon training - my parents eat a lot of take out.

Today, well, we went to a cafe to write this. Look, I've almost graduated to real lattes!

Photo courtesy of today's Skype-a-thon with Mimi!

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