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Monday, March 7, 2011

Training for Everyone

My training is in high gear right now. I've been practicing for this marathon for weeks now. I'm nowhere near where I should be and my lofty goal remains to be reached. But after much effort and many failed attempts, on March 25 I must be able to ... take a bottle. Or some alternate form of food supply besides mommy.

"They" have been warning me for awhile now that on marathon day, mommy will be gone for hours. She'll be running probably for five hours and she'll leave at least an hour before the race starts. So we're talking about six hours minimum of finding an alternative ways to sate my appetite.

It is funny how life changes, even when life has only been a half year long. From my first days at the hospital I was introduced to a bottle by the nurses there. And then I took nothing else. Mommy tried offering me her supply, but I was still dreamy and sleepy and preferred the easy-access bottle. The doctors said I probably would never nurse, considering my conditions. Especially my heart. Nursing is an aerobic sport for us babies, never mind running.

So mommy continued to pump so I could have the good stuff and occasionally try to get me to switch. Then one day, about eight weeks into my life, (did you hear the angels sing??) I just did it. I nursed, no problem.

And I never looked back.

I will accept tastings, but I still don't view those as meals or substitutes for the real deal. I enjoy the fun food that mommy and abba mash up for me. I will eat it off a spoon. I will eat it off a finger if it is offered. And I love to taste things. I ate an entire orange wedge the other day. But bottles, no way. Not even a pacifier will do. After weeks of taking just silicone nipples, I refuse.

This puts abba in a bit of a quandary when we are alone. How will he feed me? He tried on Friday during mommy's long run to give me rice cereal from a regular plastic cup. It would've worked had I not flailed my arms in excitement and knocked the cup and its contents clear across the living room. Oh well.

In the meantime, mommy had what she termed "the worst run of my life" on Friday. Boy was that depressing. And she only has less than three weeks to recover. Pray for her. For comic relief, she read this article about running in Israel and she hopes that remembering this while running the race will give her some joy to power her through.

So how will I be fed on race day? Well, that is for them to figure out, not me. After all, I'm just a baby.

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  1. Daniel, You are extraordinary! I love your blogging! You certainly have the DOUBLE PORTION anointing of your Ima. I rejoice El Elyon sent you for such a time as this! I look forward to read more of your exciting adventures with the Ruach Hakodesh. You are delicious and the children of the world expect to hear MUCH from you! Shine... Shine.. Shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! Love you dear Warrior! Love to your parents too! I hope to be in Israel in September and perhaps, Lord willing will get to see you!
    Warriorgal, NY