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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shout-outs and Pre-Race Jitters!

A new and unwelcome turn in the weather, just in time for race day.
Ok, so I’ve upheld my part of the bargain in this Team Daniel effort - I slept through most of every night all week long, including and especially last night. My mission in the marathon effort was to allow mommy to sleep. I think I did pretty well this week.

And let us hope that the pouring rain is getting itself out of its system today so race day can be a tad drier! It is literally deluging out there and the temps are in the 40s suddenly. Brrrr!

When I awoke this morning mommy told me that in exactly 24 hours she would be heading toward the starting line for the big race. So in light of this being the eve of the big day, it is time for some shout outs to all of you who have played such an important role in this effort.

First and foremost, thank you so much to all of you who so generously gave to Shalva. I am a personal beneficiary of the services of Shalva, so I take it personally that you contributed and I personally thank you. I also loved all the advice and encouragement you gave to me and mommy ranging from the personal messages of hope to practical advice such as wrapping her knees and wearing sunblock!

The final count is 10,560 shekels. I begin with shekels because it sounds very impressive. In dollars, we are talking almost $3,000. Also good. And amazing to me was the range of donors from various continents. It makes me feel loved from around the world - from all the way to Down Under and Kiwi Land, to England and all across the fruited plain of the USA. Of course, also many Israeli friends as well, even a cosmetician who heard about our run while mommy was getting waxed.

(If you gave and didn’t get a thank-you email from me or mommy it is is because we don’t know or weren’t informed that you gave and it wasn’t credited to my account, so let us know please!)

Another huge shout out goes to Uncle Matt and Aunt Majda who were the leaders of “Operation Get Mommy New Sneakers and Bring them to Israel in Time for Race Day.” As timing would have it, thank God, Aunt M was coming to Israel at about the time mommy realized her old sneakers were racking up way too many miles  and that they wouldn’t do for race day. So Uncle and Aunt M&M went shopping for mommy and then Aunt Majda ferried them over the Atlantic. A godsend.

Also Mimi, GongGong and Zia Emilia deserve a shout out for all the support they have been to me and co. over the months, not just weeks of marathon training.

Then of course, there are the fun-filled packages sent by Aunt Beanie, Uncle Richie and Cugina Cristina, one of which we received today. (Thanks!)

Plus the shout out from cousin, Miss Cris’s class, P.S. 254 - Rosa Parks Schools in Richmond Hill, NY, ...

... and Donald Duck, Winnie and many others (not all pictured here). I hope to visit you guys some day in Orlando!

Thanks also to Cheryl and Bob from PA who sent me such nice gifts (including to Shalva) and made possible this series of irresistible pictures of moi:

Jerusalem is all dressed up for the event. We are all amazed at the level of professionalism that has suddenly rocked the Holy City (if you’ve lived here you understand our cynicism). The signs are slick and informative. The finish line is all ready and dolled up as is the entire park where the race ends. And the sports expo at the convention center is very impressive.

Here I am at the expo. Tres exciting!
Thank you all for participating in the poll! The iPod was the clear winner, but the flip made a good run at the end. The votes for phone were admirable, but I think that will be the first to go. Mommy is wavering between carrying nothing or her flip video. Here’s the deal, she told me, she is ever the reporter and writes and records in her mind all the time. Sometimes her loud thoughts even drown out music (bye bye, iPod). So she might feel regret if she doesn’t get to record this historic moment.

Oh and she lost her sunglasses yesterday! Well, if this weather keeps up, she won't need them anyway. 

We'll update you in a few hours. Start praying now!

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