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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hummus = Hum-MESS

Emphasis on the latter syllable.

After a few days of dehydration and lack of rest which had affected mommy's tenuous latte supply, we are back in action. And I noticed that all the pressure on me to take either a bottle or sippy cup or straw cup is off now as mommy and I won't soon be parted for long runs. Thank goodness this marathon is over.

Nevertheless "they" (my parents) still continue to ply me with solids, or semi-solids, such as hummus, bananas and rice cereal. And I love hummus, as you can see.

"Lunch is on me," reads the bib. Apt.

Got hummus?

Despite my shade of blond, I'm a bona fide
Middle Easterner.

We had a reunion dinner tonight with Anna, mommy's running soulmate during 42 grueling kilometers of the Jerusalem Marathon. I liked her instantly as well. From across the table I batted my eyelashes at her at an Armenian restaurant in the Old City. Hope to see her in NY some day! 

I indulged in some more hummus while at the restaurant. Actually, I cried for more hummus. Mommy would get too busy talking and I had to gently remind her to feed me. Thus, no pictures as mommy's fingers were too sticky to touch the camera.

Anna and mommy basically treated the marathon like an extended
Zumba class: Lots of hyperactivity and wanton cheering. 


  1. Daniel I'm so glad you and Ima are back together again. Can't wait to hear about your next exciting adventure! You warriors rock!!!!!
    Shabbat Shalom from NYC

  2. Dear Daniel - I am so happy to see you enjoying proper food at last - no more baby gloop, but grown-up gloop instead! Welcome to world of Huh Mess! We are so glad to hear that the doctors have agreed to fix you up for AD MEAH V'ESRIM! will be praying that they do such a good job on May 3 that you will be able to send them an email (or however else we shall be communicating then -at your 120th Birthday party. much love from one of your many Israeli admirers. MICHAEL C.