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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrating the Return of Normal Weekends

Without the long-run Friday in which mommy has partaken for the last 18 weeks or so, we had a return to normalcy - if a 7.5-month long life can in fact claim an epoch of normalcy. But even if it wasn't previously "normal," it sure was good. 

As you can see by our outfits, summer weather reigned down upon us, coinciding nicely with my current size and a cute shorts ensemble courtesy of cousin Michele. Perfect fit, perfect timing.

Since I have experimented with tastings, I have observed that when I go to a restaurant I suddenly and inexplicably am left out of the main event. But wait, I can eat too! So I've taken to making my presence known, being extricated from the stroller and getting a plate at the table. (In fact, today my grandmother actually ordered me my very first restaurant dish - a side order of mashed potatoes!) 
Outweighed by a plate of potatoes!
(Skype photo from the other grandmother in NY)
Now that I've reached this milestone, remind mommy to have one of my spoons with her at all times. The alternative tends to be a big mess.

Finger food?

Pepper slices do not make up for lack of spoons.

The inventor of bibs is probably a billionaire.

Pesto too - YUM!

Fun Friday!

Table push ups after a scrumptious lunch.

Despite sampling most items on mommy's plate, I've noticed some things are still off limits.

Sigh. Maybe some day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your weekend! You are just too adorable Daniel! Hearing from Israel causes me to pray more for the peace of JerUSAlem. Keep up your blogging! The Warriors in America love the exciting news! And hey, your hair is growing! I love the color. Do you think Ima will ever cut it or will you be a Nazarite? Love you all!