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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take Your Baby to Work Days

I know adventure awaits me as soon as I am seated in my stroller!
Since mommy works from home, every day is "bring-your-child-to-work" day in one form or another. I watch mommy try to make calls, conduct interviews and write coherently as she also runs rings around me, meeting all of my various needs and demands. One time she even had me draped over her shoulder, bouncing me to keep me quiet, Lucie sprawled across her lap and her laptop balanced precariously on her knees while she typed with one finger and held the phone to her ear with her shoulder as she interviewed someone for a story. I have certainly stretched mommy's multi-tasking skills to some all-time lengths in the last eight months.

However, there are some days when her work takes her out of the apartment and to some place exciting, like Mordor (the Old City)! And this being Holy Week, mommy has been out of the house a lot, scouring the Old City for holiday articles and photos. It all started with Palm Sunday, but we missed the palm carriers - oops! Then there was Passover right in the middle, then of course Holy Thursday and Good Friday so far. Lots of time spent chasing pilgrims in the Old City.

How exciting for me! I've been brought deeper into the bowels of the Old City than ever before - even into the Holy Sepulchre!

You could assume I was praying.

...But you'd be wrong.

Of course there are perks to going to work with mommy. It always involves an amazing gastronomical experience for all of us. The gourmet meal du jour yesterday was the best hummus in the Old City: Abu Kamel. They also serve "cheps," whatever that is, as you will see on their sign. And of course, in typical Old City fashion, you eat at rickety tables sitting on plastic chairs in the alleyways. No fine indoor dining here. 

They serve hummus AND cheps!

A delicious but messy affair.

Dining al fresco.
Sometimes bring your baby to work day involves also bringing Abba to work too. Its fun for the entire family! 

Abba strolling me through
the Jewish Quarter toward the Christian Quarter.

Slightly skeptical.

Police patrolling the busy Old City alleys

Me on the Via Dolorosa

Me at the magical chocolate store on the Via Dolorosa

And finally, a trip to the Old City is never complete without a visit with Dede and Nene, the Armenian words for Grandma and Grandpa. 

A historic moment: Dede holding me, fearlessly, for the first time!

Our work day ended thanks to a deluge of Noah-like proportions.
We ran to the car for safety and headed home!


  1. OMG! Nicole, you are so funny! I loved the "cheps" - gave me a good laugh. Daniel is getting super cute every time I see pics of him. Miss you guys!