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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rolling with the Punches

Yet again I have exerted my baby superpowers over my parents. I so enjoy watching them spin wheels trying to understand me as I quietly withhold information. If you are 'adults,' you figure it out, I think. Allow me elaborate on the incident in question.

For ever so long, I was swaddled at night. Probably for a longer length of time than most babies. We all, my parents and myself, just loved the coziness the swaddled provided. Well, they liked it more for the fact that it kept me still and prevented me from scaring myself awake with my flailing hands. I slept for long swaths of time rolled like a burrito. And it made for some great photos. Of course.
Me at mere weeks old. I was happy. Really.

About two months ago I graduated to a "sleeper," which is essentially a swaddle with arm holes, so my upper appendages could flail about, but my body and legs were in a fleece sack zipped up to keep me warm. Since then I was promoted yet again, this time due mostly to the fact that the weather took a turn and became too hot for an extra layer.

This new found freedom has given me the opportunity to flex my muscles so to speak. And thus, immediately I began to roll over in my bed. In fact I did that one night and then just fell fast asleep in this newly found comfortable position. Prior to this incident, if I rolled, I would alert someone to come and return me to my back. I manage to do that myself during play time but why exert myself during sleep time? This time, however, I decided I liked my stomach, and I wanted to sleep like that. So I did.

And here is where the ancient Mystery of Babies arose to panic two "astute" adults. My poor parents were perplexed. Do you let babies stay on their stomachs? Well, now the answer seems obvious, and they are going to feel quite embarrassed when they read this post. However at the time, I sent them scurrying to "Dr. Google" to find out if a 7-month-old can indeed be allowed (!!!) to sleep on his stomach if he got there on his own. This was a first for all of us, and I am their first baby, so I will cut them some slack. After a thorough search of the internet and satisfied that everything was okay, they let me stay put and ever since then I've added a new sleeping position to my repertoire. I must say, side is nice too.

To be truthful, I could've slept on my stomach for months now if it weren't for the swaddle effect. I have many friends who sleep on their tummies and have done so from the beginning. Conventional wisdom says "back is best," and my parents had nothing else to go by at the beginning some eight months ago. 

Nevertheless I just love when I, the little one that I am, get the upper hand over my parents. The perks of being a baby!

Back is best but Tummy Time is terrific!

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