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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learning the Heart Way

Well, here's the good news: I may never be forced to try to take a vile bottle ever again! 

I thought that a bottle would be my only means of eating between the IV and full recovery after my "procedure." But my fears were laid to rest. Yes, even while in my recovery suite at the hospital I can imbibe lattes, the surgeon reassured me. No matter that I have stitches or am attached by wires to various technological devices, I may be picked up and hugged fairly soon after surgery. While this seems logistically impossible, I will take his word on the topic since I like his thinking.

This was one of the many important topics I broached with the surgeon during our visit with him on Monday. I had my parents ask him this very important question, among other things, for me as I sat across the desk from the doctor, on his desk, and studiously listened as he taught heart surgery 101 for us freshman. He is very smart, and I tried not to intimidate him with my hard stare from across the desk, but I couldn't help myself. I learned so much about the heart, how it is supposed to look and how to fix it. I think I just might switch from cardiology to surgery. The doctor was fascinating!

He also seems very nice. And most importantly, I shook his hands - appendages quite crucial to his work. Actually, I shook his finger since my hands are still tiny and my fist only encompassed one of his fingers. But it was a good finger nevertheless.

Biology lessons aside, we also learned that the date for my procedure is as indecisive as an Israeli driver riding the lanes. May 3 isn't set in stone. So we have to be on alert from any day after Passover. It could be two days after, four days after or even a week after bringing us back to May 3. Also, there is a doctors' strike looming. They will decide after the holiday whether to strike, and this too could affect the date.

Meanwhile, Mommy had a great idea: Why don't I cut my teeth while under anesthesia? Why not ride the wave and cast all my pain in one basket, covered by a massive dose of tylenolI am mustering up my teeth for the occasion.

I forgot to ask if I can request music during the operation. Or wear an iPod.

At the hospital waiting for our appointment

A happy and patient patient

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