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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prepare the Way!

Easter Me at the Armenian Convent

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the excitement is. Very soon, my computerized, Skype-generated New York grandparents, Mimi and GongGong, will emerge from mommy's laptop and materialize in real life right here!

I, as a grand baby, and recipient of 75 percent of their luggage content, will be on hand to welcome them into the country. They have both vowed to suction their lips onto my cheeks and not remove them for approximately three weeks. I don't know how we are going to fit into the crib together, but I'll let them figure that out.

We will surely have an unpacking frenzy tomorrow night and I'll be so excited that sleeping won't be an option. But in the meantime, before we irrevocably switch gears, allow me to wrap up our Easter/Passover extravaganza with some last photos. In my previous post, I alluded to Easter being the annual Jerusalem Armenian reunion. Well...

The centerpiece :)

...I, in all modesty, was the equivalent of the main course at this week of reunion-like gatherings. On Sunday I became the literal centerpiece, when after a day of being stroller-ized, mommy set me on the table for a little stretch. That immediately turned into tummy time. Then, for added fun, Skype time with Aunt Beanie and Cugina Cristina! Thankfully Armenians compete with Italians in their deafening loudness, so no one seemed to mind us yelling across the table.

That day, we had a nice Easter lunch with Dede and Nene (my Jerusalem grandparents) at the only restaurant in West Jerusalem not kosher and/or closed for Passover (whew). And then we headed to the Armenian convent for one last processional to wrap up our week of holiday fun. 

Easter dinner with Nene

Easter processional in the Armenian convent

He had a particularly nice Easter bonnet

Armenian Easter time in the convent with Dede

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  1. He is so yummy....I can only imagine how excited the grandparents must be! Kisses to Daniel from me!!