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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrating Life, Remembering Death

Note the Armenian flag in the background.

Today is my first Easter. Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Shad Darinerou! 

In a weird twist of the calendar, the same day I say Happy Easter to everyone, I also, as a good Armenian, must urge: Don't forget the Armenian Genocide.

Today is April 24. This year it happens to be Easter Sunday. But every year April 24 is the day we remember the Armenian Genocide and call upon the world to recognize it. More on that in a future post.

Actually there's lots about being Armenian that I've already learned in my eight months, so let's review:

1. All Armenians are proud to be Armenian. And that entails a few significant details:
a. We were the first Christian nation declared such in 301 AD, and thus when we say Shad Darinerou, we have real street cred!
b. We have a secret language, called Armenian. Okay its not a secret, but I guarantee, you know nary a word of it, only Armenians do.

2. We live in communities. For better or for worse. For example, the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem has been occupied by Armenians since the 300s and some of the original families are still here! We have our own school, church, library and convent, which is a place where only Armenians can live. Wherever you find Armenians, you find A LOT of Armenians together. For example, LA in California stands for Little Armenia.

3. I never have to go to Armenia to be able to speak, eat, breathe Armenian. The first language here in this small sliver of this tiny corner of the world is Armenian, not Hebrew, Arabic or English despite the fact that there are only 1,000 of us here. Our Armenian-ness supersedes nationality and passpo.

4. I'm a baby and I already know what genocide means! Leave it to the Armenians.

P.S. I'm only one quarter Armenian and that = 100 percent in Armenian math. Don't worry, Italian relatives: half also equals 100 percent and my dueling taste buds remain undecided!

Here is a series of photos that further celebrates all things Armenian, namely living in community and spending all of our time in the same/only restaurant where we all hang out. Also, this being Easter, it is our unofficial annual reunion! Well, my first.

Meeting Steve for the first time!

Hanging out at Naro's with Steve and Katia!

More Naro's action. Hi Anjo!

The gang. Why are they all looking at the wrong camera?

Nice try Ohan. That is not Blue Steel!

You know you are in an Armenian house when your fridge is covered with Armenian magnets!

My future babysitters, Tantigs (aunts) Nairy and Shoghig.

She loves me!

A cool Armenian.

An Armenian Easter procession

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  1. hi Daniel i think i am you cousin from argentina what a beautifull baby you have congrats i really dont know which is our relationship my mother is Pauline also known as Silvia Jansuzian silvanas aunt from canada i would like to know who are your father and grandfather My grandfather was Nazar
    Congrats again for your baby Hope to know about you soon