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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ode to Mimi

Me and my Mimi (and one of my
illustrious outfits that she gave me)
Today is a very special occasion: My Mimi's birthday! Happy birthday, Mimi!

If I didn't know any better - and I'm not sure that I do as this portion of reality is still a work in progress - I would think that Mimi lived in mommy's laptop. I see and talk to Mimi everyday ... on the computer, through something called Skype. I vaguely remember seeing her in person during the first two months of my life. But then again, I was a newborn and newborns exist in various post-womb states of consciousness most of which is close to comatose. Then I saw her again in person when I was four to five months old when we went to New York for Christmas. But since then she has abided as a one-dimensional object on a computer.

Lately though I can tell that the computer, unlike the TV, talks to me. Interaction! It is actually Mimi who is interacting with me! This was a recent discovery of mine two weeks ago when Mimi started playing peekaboo with me via the computer. This is a very fun new game.  

If there are two major material items I can say I gleaned already from Mimi in my young life it is this: my educated taste in both designer clothing and classical music.

When news of my existence was first announced, sometime around week 9 of my embryonic state, Mimi began shopping in earnest. It was hard at first because my gender was still shrouded in mystery. However, she managed to begin a quest for clothing. At first it was neutral. But as my male parts were unveiled around week 20 or so, Mimi's shopping wave escalated into tsunami-like levels. She raided every store in NYC and Nassau County. And with a penchant for finding quality items combined with dazzling coupons, she scored. 

Ralph Lauren for $10. Calvin Klein for $7. DKNY for $5. Absolute steals. I would be the best dressed baby in the Middle East if not the universe. And the clothes were not just stylish, but practical ranging from onesies to pajamas to my out-on-the-town outfits to undershirts that could double as outerwear in the blazing hot Israeli summers. Mimi made sure to cover me in fleece "hang-out" clothes and sleepwear for those Israeli winters when the apartments are colder than the outdoors. I had fluffy one-piece coats, replete with booties and mittens, for the bitter New York winter. Mimi covered ever possible climatic condition.

When I was born 3 weeks early I was tiny and nothing fit me yet. Have no fear - Mimi to the rescue! Before she boarded the plane for Israel, Mimi did one last raid of the stores and scooped up some preemie clothes that carried me through those first few weeks.

Then there is the classical music department. Who knew Mozart could be so much fun? I have a smiley sun that plays classical pieces for me. I have my own mini boombox that plays classical tunes as well and lights up with each note. 

And these are just the material items. I also know that my Mimi is my biggest cheerleader. She has authored my own personal chant, which she sings to me without fail several times per Skype call. Plus whenever I have a "need" she alerts the masses via email to pray for me. I think I have continents worth of people on my side. 

Here are some pictures - from a stroll down memory lane - of just a few of my many outfits:

Semi-conscious newborn stage

All spiffy for my bath!

Modeling my Calvins

Eight days old - already a "Little Prince"

I'm a NYer by blood if not by birth

Styling pajamas

Another "Little Prince" outfit

My old man puppy sweater. Cute, but questionable.

Eat your heart out, Ralph Lauren

Appropriately festive in my Christmas PJs

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