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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pre-Op Day

Post-bath cuteness
Well, it's less than 24 hours until D-Day and somehow we have avoided talking about surgery up until this point. We've had so many fun times with the holidays, Armenian reunions and then the arrival of Mimi and GongGong. So it just seemed like such a downer to bring it up. However, since we have great pictures of me from my pre-op check up, I just have to blog about it now. Plus I have a poll! 

Ok, here's the deal: I have what is called AV canal defect. My heart does not have four proper chambers and there is basically a gaping hole in the middle allowing my blood to mix. It is impossible to live with this over the long term, and the only way it can be fixed is through open heart surgery (OHS). Yipee! I'll get to add a new "first" to my eight-month old list of accomplishments! Not everyone gets to have OHS!

The operation will take between 4 to 6 hours. The nice surgeon I met will build the walls using a portion of the sac holding my heart. Then afterwards, I will probably be in the ICU for 2 days and then in the regular hospital ward for up to 7 or 8 days (10 total) with mommy and abba and my grandparents at various intervals keeping me entertained. 

There is a chance that they will have to operate again in the future if they don't fix it all the first time. Once is enough for me, so I hope it all gets done correctly now!

So if you would be so kind as to pray for these items and whatever comes to your mind:

1. That the nice, smart surgeon and the entire surgical staff and anesthesiologist all do a perfect job and that God guide their hands
2. That this will be the only operation I need - that they do it all right the first time
3. That I will quickly recover and won't be traumatized by this experience
4. That there are no complications or surprises during the surgery

Thank you!

So my hospital visit was replete with, as usual, flirtations with nurses and lots of games! One very exciting game was the scale game. Once naked and on the scale, I flailed about while the nurse tried to get an accurate reading of my weight. I slammed down my legs and flipped from side to side while the numbers flew up and down. Eventually she just settled on a weight and I returned to my antics on the bed instead.

Then there was the EKG game - very fun! The nurses put stickers on my feet and then clamped some wires onto the stickers. And I pulled them off. They put them back on. I pulled them off again. Fun! We went back and forth like that for awhile until the nurses asked mommy and abba to help pin me down. In the end, three adults held one little me still while the other nurse tried to get an accurate EKG reading.

Stick and Rip - a new fun game!

The nurses tried hard to get these stickers to stay

But I pulled the wires every time. It was too fun to resist!

We head back to the hospital early tomorrow morning and I have already heard my parents conspiring about how to get me there still asleep. I am supposed to fast lattes for a couple of hours and no one is really enthusiastic about that. I tend to scream when I want one, striking fear into the heart of any adult. 

I'm sure I will be blogging despite the anesthesia and grogginess so check back here. In the meantime, here is a poll: How long will I be napping under anesthesia? As it is, I am averse to napping. WIll I valiantly fight the drugs and return to consciousness like a speeding bullet? Or will I make up for lost time and sleep like never before? Or will I just be normal for once? So many options. What do you think?


  1. Daniel, You are an amazing end time warrior! I'm on the poll that says, You will make up for lost time and sleep like never before! When you wake up, you will be ready to blog on the faithfulness Jehovah Rapha. Healing is the children's bread. I set myself in agreement with the prayers you have requested and will be looking for your next blog! You're growing up so fast. Even though we have not met, I love you and your Mom & Abba too!

  2. We pray for you Little Daniel and for your parents, God bless you, Anne-Lise + family

  3. Daniel.. We are praying for you..Thank you for your blogs... It really helps to know you and we all have grown to love you lots...Just remember you have lots of people praying..for you, your Mom and Abba....Gina Utterback

  4. Little Daniel you will be just fine. I have the fullest of confidence in your Abba Jehova Rapha. I declare you will not need another surgery, that you will come through without incident and heal speedily and without infection in Jesus' mighty name. As for the poll I say you will sleep very well and wake up and see mommy and daddy and your grandparents and will be so happy that nothing you have gone/are going through will bother you (including pain or anything else). I am praying for you Daniel! God bless you! <3

    Love Mindy (from Father's House of Prayer in New York)

  5. Daniel we are all praying for you here in Kansas! Try to sleep after the surgery. Even though I look forward to reading your blogs, sleep is more important so you can heal quickly. We love you!
    Michele, Brenden, Amelia, and Ryan

  6. Hmmm, even us Giver-Exhorter types need our sleep Daniel, so I vote for making up for long long sleep...and THEN of course, bounce right back to not missing a beat or a moment :) Love you and prayers and blessings on you. Can't wait to hang out with you again!

  7. praying in Baka - sending you all my love. Nadz xxx

  8. We in Florida are praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Janean and Gerry

  9. We'll be praying for you Daniel! You are in good hands.

  10. Take a snooze Daniel, and when you wake up, we're praying that you'll be better than new!

  11. Daniel, even though you got me in trouble with your dad the last time, by crying every time I laughed..I still miss hanging out with you. I can't get over the spoon lip thing you did that was making me feel guilty for my loud laughter. Sending angels your way for tomorrow!!! Neshikot, your uncle and aunt in Ashdod.

  12. Daniel, you are a warrior!! And we're sure your heart will be 100% fixed soon so you can serve the Lord all the days of your life!!!!!!! We're praying for you!

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