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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning to Share

Sharing, I've been told, is an integral part of life and of living in a community be that family, friends, school, society and so forth. And so this week, I had a few preliminary lessons in sharing. For starters, I shared my lunch with Lucie.

Lucie and I waiting expectantly for more chicken.

American and UK baby websites generally recommend no solids until six months and then just fruits and veggies. Meat comes in at eight or nine months. So what's a new mother to do when in Israel, doctors, nurses and the stranger butting in off the street are all shocked when she hasn't yet fed her five month old hummus and chicken? I remember hearing my mother snort with derision at a nurse who recommended pureeing "whatever you eat for dinner" for the six-month-old baby. 
Mommy: "ANYthing?" 
Nurse: "Yes, anything. Hummus. Chicken. Fish."
Mommy: "Fish? I didn't like fish until I was 25!"
Gross as it sounds, she finally did puree some chicken, which I shared with Lucie. Mommy did also venture out into some Middle Eastern cuisine. She'd exposed me to Italian while in NYC, so thought it only fair to balance my other half with some tehina as you can see here: 

Then I learned to share toys and floor space when I met a new friend - or an old acquaintance. Yosia and I were born in the same hospital just two days apart. We even bunked on the same floor! I was born two days ahead of him, but he has done everything he can do to catch up ever since. In fact, now he is about three times my weight! 

Not too sure about this...
Play it cool and everything will be okay...
Okay, okay you win!

I also shared my nasal congestion and an eye infection with mommy this week. She insists that does not rate as "sharing." But it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

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  1. Oh my word, I am loving this! Daniel, you have such awesome humor! No matter what size you are, you special little guy. :)