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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prayer for Ephraim for Thursday's Surgery

Ephraim and I hanging out at school

I am calling on all the troops with a special request: Please keep my friend Ephraim in your prayers! Tomorrow, Thursday, is a big day for Ephraim - he has his open heart surgery.

As you know, we are buddies, but I daresay that after tomorrow you could call us bosom buddies. Same surgery (almost), same hospital, same surgeon, same success (so we pray). Our friend Hallel also had the same operation, same hospital, same surgeon - same successful results as mine. And that is what we expect for Ephraim too!

Mommy insists that the parents have it just as rough, if not rougher, and need as much prayer as the child undergoing the operation. As the child, I'm not so sure about that, however, I occasionally allow mommy to sneak her opinions into my blog posts. That being said, mommy would like to add a request to pray for Dassie and David Corman as they wait the six hours or so for the operation and then deal with the ICU afterwards.

Thank you in advance for standing with them and my friend as they go through this difficult time. I will keep you posted.

Dressed for Purim, two peas in a pod

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