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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Updates from Jerusalem via the Big Apple

Oy vey! I am way behind in my blogs
I have been remiss in updating everyone with news of Ephraim's successful surgery. Not only was it successful, but less than a week later, he is home! Ephraim is another superstar, just like Hallel, our other friend who had her own version of this surgery.

It is partially mommy's fault that I have lapsed in posting the news since she abandoned me and my brother while she and abba took off from parenthood for a few days. According to her, even mommies and daddies need their therapy.

This was mommy's therapy session in Southampton

Despite the alluring sign, she did not even
darken the doorway. Even though it was a
version of mommy therapy.
Thank God for Ephraim's health and thank you all for your prayers. I will be preparing updates for publication on all my New York adventures, including my blind date play date tomorrow. Here is one of them:

Double duty bottle adventure!

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