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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Time to Say Goodbye

Nanni had double trouble on her hands for SEVEN full weeks
WIth our visit to Villa Mosconi, Lucas has completed Phase One of his Italian heritage indoctrination after seven weeks in New York. (When it comes to our family, being in New York can qualify, to a good degree, of Italian immersion.) And that means we can now safely return to Israel. With very full stomachs.

When I arrived in New York way back on March 8, all of the trees on Mimi and GongGong's neighborhood were awash in white blossoms. It was almost like snow but instead it was unseasonably warm, pleasant weather. As the weeks passed, we watched the white blossoms recede into green leaves. Now the leaves are fully green and we are leaving behind a verdant - believe it or not - New York City. I guess you can say we passed a season here.

Bye bye New York

That is certainly true for Lucas. Seven weeks is a lifetime in the life of a baby. Well, maybe not technically, but symbolically. The little brother left Israel a little baby and is returning there as a little man. Some of his many milestones include finding his voice in the midst of a loud Italian family, developing his own brand of baby language, adjusting to my screaming and even responding to my soliloquies, laughing, ridding himself of the Nazgul shriek, grasping objects and successfully entering them into his mouth.

Ok so Bob was a large target but he also managed to get
the teething ring into his mouth

Lucas spent quality time with Calvin...

...And of course with Nanni

Lucas got his gazing time thanks to
Nanni who had no problem gazing right back

Lucas and Nanni are at a perfect juncture for each other. While I'm a tad rough and hyper active for a great grandmother, Lucas is at that docile stage where he mainly requires just instant eye contact. In fact, we call him the gazer because direct eye contact brings peace to his soul. Nanni was just the perfect person to provide him with that need. And so gazed they did for most of the trip here.

I also traversed a few milestones as well, although at my advanced age these come more slowly than the infant phase of babyhood. One of the big ones was donning a pair of shoes, an odd but necessary addition to my new phase of life. Others included incessant cruising, dancing, baby steps, Nutella Pizza, pasta fagiole (popularly known as fazul), artichoke ravioli with triple sec sauce and bruschetta. Delicioso!

What are these clunkers on my dainty feet?

The clock is now ticking down to our departure. Three hours until we head to the airport. Sadly, we are leaving behind wonderful family and great times. And sadly, we are going home to fewer friends in Israel.

But go we must. I have other grandparents to entertain. My buddies in my Shalva class are awaiting me as are my teachers, therapists and all my adoring fans. So fare thee well and my next blog will be in a couple of days from the other side of the ocean!

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  1. It was so great to have you here. And wasn't the food awesome!