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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Living it up in New York

Zia Em entertains me in the morning before leaving me for work
While here in NY I am up to many things, and the least of them has been blogging since I have such a busy schedule to maintain. In the morning, GongGong whisks me away from my bed to come downstairs and begin my day while Lucas takes over in trying to disrupt my parents' sleep. I will then be fed breakfast by Mimi. Later, as you can see in these photos, my aunt, Zia Em, joins me downstairs to entertain me before she goes off to work, abandoning me for the day. Sigh.

I have had a few play dates, one of which even involved lots of girls. I was the only baby boy with my pick of baby girls with whom to flirt. Overwhelming! Photos will be posted once my photo editor does some downloading. Then I also met a real life Italian! Cousin Carlo is in The US for a quick trip and it happened to coincide with ours. What a treat to hear the ancient dialect of Borgesan from Popi's first cousin! I do believe I must start speaking Italian.

Getting tickled is a very funny prospect
Later on I may visit Nanni, which is a trip highlight. Nanni has more than she can handle with both Lucas and I. She constantly switches her attention between Lucas and I. We put on our best behavior for Nanni so she actually believes that we never cry, whine or protest. Ever. Heehee.

I have, however, earned the name biricchino from Nanni. This lovely Italian word translates as mischievous or impish. Not that I am. I think that nickname has arisen from my sideways glance that always speaks of impending trouble I am planning.

Physical therapy too!

Although I haven't been to Shalva for weeks now, I have started running my own speech therapy sessions. Lucas was my first attendee as you will see in this video. You will also see in this video the obsession with wiping drool off a baby's face, an obsession which strengthens with each generation. For instance, Nanni will use an entire box of tissues on Lucas' chin in one hour just to ensure he is dry at all times. Mimi and GongGong provide about half that amount of wipe-age as do Grandma and Dede in Jerusalem. In contrast, mommy and abba don't bother with even one tissue and just go with the philosophy of letting it all add up to equal one big bath at the end.

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  1. That is hilarious about nanni (and m and d) wiping the drool at all times!! So true!!!