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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Nutella Nightmare

Fun times with Nanni

My fingers are shaking as I type this due to the influx of sugar into my body thanks to Aunt Beanie, who shoveled way too much nutella into me just a few hours before my hoped for bed time. It all started so innocently at Da Nonna Rosa, an exciting Italian restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn owned by our cousin Franco Spagnoli.

I didn't object to this new and exciting flavor served in the form of pizza. Yes, you heard that right - Nutella Pizza! Divine. But when it came time for bed the sugar sort of erupted into my blood stream sending me into an uncontrolled and frenzied fit of glee that lasted for well over an hour. As you will see in the FIVE videos, which get progressively cuter culminating in uncontainable cuteness in video #5, I was ready to run a marathon un front of an audience at home and while abba reported on my condition to Aunt Beanie, culprit #1, Uncle Richie and Cristine:

I finally gave in to the resulting sugar crash at 10:15, more than one hour after the shenanigans began.

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  1. The last video was the best!! He is too cute.