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Friday, April 20, 2012

Meeting my Cousin for a Day at the Park

I always ride shotgun

When I was a younger, shier baby, my mommy warned me: I am half Italian and that half of the family makes up for half of the volume in the entire world. If I wanted to be heard, I'd have to speak up.

So I've learned. As you now know, I am a loud and diligent conversationalist. And when I met my cousin Viola for the second time (the first time we met she was a tiny 6 week old and I was a shy 1 year old) in a park the other day I discovered that I met my chatting soul mate! Mommy was right - our family is loud and comprised of chatterboxes!

The Italian dialect word chacheron for chatterbox (spelling?) has been bestowed upon my by Nanni. As you will see in the following videos (plural), this description suits both Viola and I to a tee. There was no dearth of baby talk. And there was no trace of translation into any adult languages. We would like to keep the contents of our conversation a secret.

Zia Em and abba walked Lucas and I along in
the same park on a different day

Sometimes they pretended they were running with us.
Let truth be told, they did this only for the camera.

I was enthralled with the camera lens

I just needed to...

...reach out and touch it

Then I got a ride of another kind

Lucas was with us as well and got this nice shot of himself
under the bridge
With mommy

I needed her sunglasses

And I needed to give yet another speech

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