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Friday, March 16, 2012

Missing the 10k and Reminiscing about my Hospital Days

Tough Guy puts on his Cute, Innocent Baby Face
Mommy woke up thanking me. No, not for sleeping through the night (as if), but for extending our visit to NY thereby causing her to miss the Jerusalem 10k. A one-line message from Alisha McIntyre, superstar who did run the race, read thus: "At the starting line. It just hailed."

Mommy shivered from beneath the warm covers as she read that. Then she thanked me for sparing her. It's not like I would've been there - there is no way abba would have taken Lucas and I to the run in such weather. But mommy would have had to go. We all thought often of Tania, who organized Shalva's participation in the run, and had to be on hand with her little baby all day. I bet Annaelle could write a blog on that!

Well, thanks a million to Alisha and all the others who ran for Shalva, and Tania who did lots of work for the occasion. We were warm, happy and healthy as we cheered you on from bed in another time zone!

As today marks a week since I was admitted to the hospital in New York for viral pneumonia, and since I just got my digital act together, I thought I would dazzle you with photos and video of days past. I was fortunate enough to grace the ER on Thursday of last week as well (just hours upon alighting in New York), but they sent me home since I was doing fine. I persisted, however, until I was given access to the full scope of the hospital, which happened on Friday.

Since I was in the ER for hours, my parents
took to entertaining me with all sorts of song and dance as Aunt Beanie took pictures 

I simply was not content with the ER
I wanted the full effect... gown

...caged crib audience

...and nurses with whom to flirt.

I felt better in no time
Really, my hospital stay was a boon to babysitters around NY, also known as "my family," because they got to visit me there and catch up with all my latest moves from picky eating to walking around a crib. Not to mention "desatting" on my oxygen levels and setting off bells and whistles that they haven't yet learned to ignore.

And I had my own TV to boot
Lucas made guest appearances at my bedside as the entire family and many friends orbited around me as needed. Poor little brother had a rough entry into this world, trying to garner a little spotlight for himself, while I worked my own hospital angle at the time. Lucas will have to also become a "tough guy" in order to muscle some of the sunshine from myself. I am sure he is up to the task.

At least I know he isn't mad at me. We have colluded on a baby conspiracy to keep mommy up all night by crying, in the same room, at varying intervals, thereby ensuring she actually never sleeps. So far our plan is working!

Little Lucas was stuck in a stroller for a week!
Now that I have successfully secured an extended vacation in New York, I suppose I can be healthy again. I have a final follow-up visit to the clinic where the pretty, curly-haired doctor will give me another once over to make sure I have eradicated pneumonia from my lungs.

Here is a video so you can share in my hospital joy:

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  1. I am SO proud of my boy in that video for so many reasons!! Miss you guys!!!