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Friday, March 9, 2012

Making my Mark in New York

Question: What would be the most appropriate thing for me to do upon my arrival in New York? So many options. but how about a trip to the ER? In my apparent quest to rate different emergency rooms around the world, I thought I'd try out North Shore Medical Center in Manhasset, NY just less than four hours after touching down in my second home town. It is a lovely facility with nice nurses and interesting doctors. They have the same oxygen monitor as one of my many departments at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem. Well I always have been known to have a flair for the dramatic and I suppose being within a close radius to Broadway really caused it to flare up. It all began on the plane when I had trouble breathing and seemingly was heaving with my whole body, reminiscent of my rendezvous with RSV. My parents held out hope that this was simply jet lag or something minor. But that was not to be. Oh no, nothing simple for my parents. Long story short (longer story tomorrow with videos) it turns out I have viral pneumonia. I have such uncanny timing, do I not? Full blown pneumonia on a 12-hour flight thus diverting anyone's plans for their first few days in NYC. Of course I also had to make sure that with this being Lucas' first visit to New York that I got my requisite amount of attention.


  1. unca richard is VERY upset! he hates to think of his buddy sick and on a plane and in a yankee hospital! oh well....everybody stay well, now. keep lucas in good shape. at least you are near ten thousand kisses and we know gonkh gonkh will keep you in good company....xoxo aunt d.

  2. Prayers are with all

    Margaret & Elliot