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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spoon Fed

Lucas being entertained by Cugina Cristine
Now that I've accomplished the hospital mission of my visit bringing joy and cheer to the medical community of Long Island and am now operating in full health, I have taken on new challenges in New York. And that mainly involves challenging others.

For example, every day Lucas and I present a challenge to mommy and Mimi in how to keep us entertained. I am accustomed to spending full days with trained child entertainers such as teachers and therapists, not to mention many of my peers. Two adults to two babies is not a satisfactory entertainment ratio. So to make it fun, I have thrown a few wrenches into the mix. Since they are outnumbered (2 on 2 is not equal in baby speak), I have embarked upon a new eating routine which involves massive tantrums, a newfound distaste for anything but pasta and egg salad, and now, only ever being spoon fed. I know I am surrounded by those who love yet fear me. This makes it fun!

I have a larger extended family, therefore I have extended my challenges to them as well. One evening I offered to challenge Aunt Beanie and Uncle Richie to a babysitting expedition. What an adventure that was. In the one and a half hours it took mommy, Zia Em and Cristine to get their nails done, Lucas and I managed to bring stress and bewilderment into the lives of not just two but several adults. AB and UR called in the troops from across the street, Megan plus her parents Mary Pat and Richard.

Lucas drove Uncle Richie to the bottle after
 just one perplexing hour

Or was it vice versa? Whatever works!
As the car was packed to go that evening Uncle Richie looked at his watch. "Two and a half hours?!" he said with the look of one who spent a week in boot camp. "God bless you."And he slammed the door as if to say good riddance, and go crawl into his bed for some recovery. 

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