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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Growing Up

We are all growing up. As you may have noticed, we at The Baby Blogs also matured and procured our very own domain name for this website so that we have room to expand and develop our very own unique identity. Just like babies do.

Lucas is also forging an identity and growing up. So fast in fact that he is virtually cruising through milestones and motoring through his clothes as if it were an Olympic sport! He has changed so much already, including losing all that black swarthy hair and replacing it with some mild brown locks.

For his first several weeks of his life he was known as Mr. Sensitivity around our house. He was so sensitive, in fact, that I didn't blog about all of his quirks for fear that he would sense the post, interpret it as criticism and get all touchy about it thereby exacerbating his erratic behavior.

For example: He could hear a pin drop from a mile away and thus not sleep for hours. He would take 10 minute naps. After his power naps, his eyes would ping wide open and he'd be awake for hours. He didn't know how to put himself to sleep, or actually, he simply refused to sleep, stacking up on some days a mere 50 minutes of day-time naps - perhaps a baby record! He found his fist, but didn't know what to do with it. Object permanence was a concept lost on him - once you moved out of site, you were gone forever in Lucas' world!

Lucas is trying to catch up to me in the "cute" department

But suddenly, at 10 weeks old, he morphed into a mature baby. Suddenly he slept more than 10 minutes during naps. Suddenly, a pin dropping to the floor in the next room no longer woke him. He smiled more. He interacted with his world. Lucas began to visually follow objects and people and even spotted some of us by their voices from far across a room. Perhaps they weren't permanent yet, but he found them! He also found his fist and then isolated his thumb, which I assured him would come if he just persisted. He rolled over!

And finally, he developed a baby language so that he and I could communicate in code while our parents looked on helplessly, their understanding futile.

Lucas at a cafe with friend Galya. She and
mommy were training him up in the way
he should go. That is: drink coffee!

What a poser!

He is a quick learner

He has learned from the best. I am my brother's keeper.
We make quite a pair these days!

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