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Friday, March 16, 2012

Since we are Reminiscing - Remember Purim?

Bite me. I dare you.

Purim is the Israeli Halloween. Well, not quite. It is a biblical holiday remembering how the Jews were saved from annihilation back in the days of Queen Esther during the exile in Persia.

Really, the only similarity is that everyone dresses up in costumes. And that we did - wowing the masses. Hearkening to my second home of New York, I was a slice of bonafide Brooklyn, non-kosher, pizza. The real deal.

And Ephraim donned a vicious dragon outfit. Luckily for me, dragons are carnivores so I wasn't worried he'd eat me, just perhaps the pepperoni on my slice.

Hopefully no one managed to bite me as I was most likely incubating my pneumonia virus at the time of these photos!

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