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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New York State of Mind

Uncontained excitement!

There is no more dramatic a way to say this than to just spill it in plain English: I AM GOING TO NEW YORK!

Or maybe the real drama here is that I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow!

Nay, perhaps the most dramatic part of it all is that mommy and abba are going to be guests at the Shalva dinner! And they are going to talk about me, Shalva and the wondrous experiences we have had there.

I am not so confident as to whether they will be able to do so as eloquently as I have on the pages of this blog. They will lack the advantage of the photos that speak 1,000 words since they display my utter adorableness. Nor will they have captivating videos of either myself or Lucas and all of our shenanigans. So, please pray for them. They are going to need my gift for words, my wit and brevity (which is the soul of wit) to boot!

And if you want to attend: "Live from New York, its Sunday night!" The Shalva dinner is March 11 and requires a small(ish) price to pay to see mommy and abba, who would be thrilled to see you, plus to support my "school" where I am loved to bits and where I learn so much! It will be a gala dinner at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. Almost as yummy as my cheeks to be sure.

Or you can support Shalva here as we run/walk and attempt to survive the 10 kilometers through Jerusalem's death-defying hills. That is on March 16, and yes we will be back in Jerusalem in time for my 10K finish line debut (my full marathon debut was last year and my half marathon debut was in utero way back in December 2009).

Before I jetset to NY for the fourth time in my short life, allow me to post some photos of moi at school.

Feeding the dolly

I'm an expert at feeding others, however still refusing to feed myself at
home. Its not a motor skill, its a choice!

We play fun games like putting the blocks in the
correctly shaped slot

I share coffee with my friends

I enjoy the spa services (I'm not in this photo)

And sometimes, I simply hang out with my buddies, like Ephraim

Here are a few links that show some more specifics of my very full days at school:

Watch out New York City, here I come!

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