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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Hectic Training Schedule

Hey, look at me!
With all my physical therapy you would think I am training for a marathon or something. But no. That is allegedly mommy who runs once a week in an effort to not die when she does the Jerusalem 10K on behalf of Shalva.

I, however, have made peace with physical therapy. Once upon a time I considered it work. Unnecessary, uncomfortable, demanding work that usually unravelled into a resplendent finale of dramatic resistance and frantic tears.

But now it is all fun and games. Literally. I get to expend all of my toddler energy in a 45-minute burst centered around toys, colorful objects and, most importantly, mirrors! And that is encouraged by my personal trainer and head cheerleader, Elysa.

Elysa encourages my frolicking and frivolity during my physio sessions at Shalva. And with the requisite positive reinforcement that she provides, I am nearly climbing the walls with glee. But for now, I am climbing stairs. Walls will come, later, I assure you.

Elysa and I play exciting games in PT

These are the fake stairs with the toy bait at the top
but Elysa coached me on some real ones too

For awhile I was showing off to Elysa all my moves, which she faithfully reported to my parents since I refused to perform at home. But lately, since I feel we know each other well enough now, I have decided to pull the age-old baby trick on her by refusing to show Elysa some of the moves that I have already mastered and of which she has only heard. I only play this coy game with those I love.

For example, I am now famous for appearing on all two's at various sites in school and at home. But not during PT, naturally. The one time I did stand up for her, Elysa excitedly went to write in the spy book to alert my parents about that. However, she saw that I had already done that at home as my parents had written to her. Now, I tease her with tales of cruising and standing at home while patently "forgetting" those moves during physio. But that is mostly because I am having too much fun with all the other action.

In other PT sessions at Shalva, I work with Alan, my coach, who once referred to me as his wingman. Although now that I've conquered the hearts of every female at Shalva, Alan is my wingman. He just doesn't necessarily see it that way yet.

I had to block Alan's face so that his agent
 wouldn't charge us for using his photo

He's trying to peek

I got distracted by Talia calling to me
as I walked the plank

Ultimately my cuteness prevails.
As always.

There is still time to donate to Shalva in honor of our big race! Of course, now Elysa and Alan have to work extra hard to make sure that I actually WALK through the finish line. If you like what you read here, you should consider supporting Shalva, which in turn supports Elysa and Alan, who in turn support me in my endeavors! Click here to go to the Team Shalva page. For more information on what crazy things we are doing, see this post: One Year.

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