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Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's not Easy Being Green

My first ever encounter with Kermit
We had a surprise visitor at school last week - Kermit the Frog! He told me his life woes, about how it isn't easy being green. I encouraged him, noting that my shirt was striped green and that we matched. That seemed to cheer him up, at least for a little while.

Kermit may not have appreciated the nose grab
But I made up for it. Does somebody want a hug??
In school today, as with every Sunday at Shalva, we had music class. As we sat in a circle around the guitar, I spied the lonely drum waiting unattended on the other side of the classroom. In order to remedy that, I instantly broke free from the group and sped over to the drum, which was just beckoning me from across the room, and proceeded to bang heartily on the instrument. As an astute student, I have learned an important piece of information: Drums were made to be banged. While the rest of the world strives for peace and quiet, drums call for the opposite, and that makes me happy. So bang away I did.

Music class: my favorite!

My noisiness isn't just welcomed, it is encouraged when it comes to music. As a baby, that is right up my alley - high decibels and unrestrained banging together of objects. And speaking of music, Lucas, my baby brother, has come out with his first music video. Don't get too excited - it isn't high on action and special effects. But it does feature his ever burgeoning cheeks and an Italian songstress Rafaela Carra pining for Lucas, Lucas. Lucas is famous before his time!

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