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Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Forget the Children!

Home (almost) sick, with Lucie
And at least they didn't forget the children.

Today was a challenging day for mommy and abba. Mommy schlepped to Shalva, with me, to participate in the Mommy and Me program. Lucas tagged along too making it Mommy and Little Brother and Me. But juggling two non-walking babies in the winter is a trial by fire of parenting. At least for novices.

All day long while mommy tried to pay attention to the therapists' great advice for how to play with me, she was also constantly doing her own mental review of our belongings that seemingly spread from one end of the city to the other.

Hats. Check.
Blanket. Check.
Two Uggs. Check. (You cannot lose the Uggs!)
Two pacifiers. Check.
Cell phone. Check. 
Keys. Check.
Jackets. Check.
Babies. Check. 
Camera (for blog). Check.

Lucas: Carted around all day,
but not forgotten.

And there was more, but that gives you an idea of the mental gymnastics mommy was experiencing. This continued after Shalva when we took a walk to the place where we get vaccinated (we both handled the shots like the little men that we are). Mommy asked abba to bring her sneakers from the apartment so that she could walk in comfort. Nevertheless, we were halfway there already before she realized she wasn't wearing her sneakers. Where were they? Not on her feet. Not in the stroller. Not in her bag.

Hours later, when we arrived back at the parking lot, there were her sneakers, sitting outside the car exactly where she intended to don them. But she hadn't. And we left, her sneakers randomly abandoned in the parking lot.

Personally, with all they had going on, I am grateful that they remembered Lucas and I instead of the sneakers. I mean, if they were going to forget anything, it certainly shouldn't be us.

This comes a day after I was home, on the verge of being ill. I say on the verge, because mommy and abba have explicitly forbidden me to be sick, still scarred from too many hospital visits. So with a runny nose and gunky eyes I am on the verge, but not quite going there.

My day home

Bored and cranky at home

All the toys in the world failed to entertain me

I resorted to eating puzzle pieces

I know triangles don't fit in the circle,
but at this point I only work with the circle

Nothing like a visit from Grandma and
grandparents on Skype to cheer me up!

Stay tuned: Tomorrow I will go back to school full time, defying illness and all. And that will give me ample opportunity to blog about my Mommy and Little Brother and Me day as well as post copious amounts of photos. 

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