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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lucas: Assistant to the Regional Manager

I am mentoring my little brother Lucas
in the ways of being a good and,
of course, challenging baby
As assistant to the regional manager, Lucas is doing a good job keeping "parenting" a challenge. If he keeps up this way, he will probably pass his three-month trial period, which comes to a close on March 23, with flying colors. He is a quick learner Allow me to explain.

Did you see the movie Elf? At some point Buddy the Elf proudly answers the question of whether he got any sleep the previous night with this brilliant response: "Yes! I got a full 45 minutes!" Apparently that was all he needed and he spent the rest of his hours whittling a rocking horse out of the wooden furniture in the house. Well, that my friends, is Lucas. That is about all he needs to survive. In fact, sometimes he needs just 10 minutes!

I'm beginning to think maybe Lucas is an elf. After all, he was born two days before Christmas.

I share with Lucas all of the ancient
baby mysteries 
I believe I can trust him with a little bit
more responsibility. In fact, maybe now
I can sleep through the night as he
pulls his own stunts.
This, naturally, renders my parents a tad beleaguered, which works in my favor. When I get home from school, after a full day of drawing and playing basketball, I arrive to two adults who are willing to keep at least one of us happy. Since I am more advanced in demanding my way and understanding their language even while they still do not speak mine, I usually win.

Art class rounds out my destructive tendencies

What an astute and alert student I am

Jeremy Lin - eat your heart out!


  1. omgsh! he's such a tall lad!! woo hoo! [daniel that is...not so sure of lucas just yet?] go danni boy...i see scholarship in your future! xo auntie d. ps i just realized that lucas has unca r's hair. from topside view. oh boy.

  2. I just saw this blog... I must have missed it!!! Jeremy Lin comment = hahahah. - Cristine