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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Salon Week

My wild tresses waiting to be tamed
This was a momentous week. From nails to hair to actual baths, we are becoming a spiffy little family.

It took all week, but mommy managed finally to clip my nails, Lucas' and Lucie's over the course of the last seven days with no bloodshed or limb removal - ours or hers. Since mommy was in cosmetician mode this week, everyone got clipped. And the easiest one in her opinion was Lucie. Yes, the cat put up less resistance than both the toddler and baby. Lucie's nails have been responsible for shredding the carpet upon which I play and several blankets so her sharp claws needed some dulling. Coincidentally, Lucie's manicure was the quickest and happened in one setting. She is a good cat and was happy just to have some of attention, which is rare these days for her.

Lucas is a challenge as his hands are clenched in tight fists, still in rigor from the womb. He also frequently displays those uncontrolled baby jerking motions that tend to make sharp objects very dangerous weapons when placed near him. Nevertheless, over the course of a few days mommy persisted and mowed down many of his nails to a point at which the dirt under them, at least, was less obvious.

My own manicure took several days and could only occur at rare moments of compliance, near-sleep or bottle manipulation. Finger by finger, sometimes just one finger a day, mommy trimmed my talons before I could scratch a new scar across my face. When I see the nail clippers, I don't scream in fear, but I do discover new sorts of motions and contortions into which I can throw my body. It isn't that I want long nails, I just feel it is my mission in life to challenge mommy in ways that she would experience if she took part in extreme sports.

Feeling brave and adventurous after succeeding with harmless nail clippers, mommy graduated herself to scissors to tackle the issue of the flyaway hair that was hanging over my ears and making me look perpetually messy. She spent all week plotting as to how to cut my hair. She reviewed a few videos on Youtube and even consulted friends with babies and her Aunt Beanie, who is a hair dresser. All of the research was essentially futile since she knew I would not stand for sitting still while someone wielded scissors near my head. Finally she decided, since it was a hopeless situation, she might as well just try.

Me, obliviously gearing up for my first "hair cut,"
if you can call it that
So today, as I obliviously sat in my high chair eating (with my very own hands, mind you), she snuck up behind me and snipped a few wisps off one side. I quickly caught on. And of course, I had to look to see what she was doing. But naturally my eye followed the scissors and my head turned constantly rendering any more snips impossible.

The lesson? A moving target is best left to sports, not events involving shears.

And my head was certainly a moving target. Mommy had to take the same approach as with my nails: one snip at a time. It took her all morning, following me around the apartment on her knees, until she got both sides. A couple snips while I watched TV. A few more while a certain toy held my fascination. Mommy had to stop caring where the hair fell, assuring herself she'd clean it up later (she hasn't yet). As long as she had some opportunity, she reached in and took it. Snip! And when the sides were mostly evened out, she decided she could be satisfied for now.

And the back of my hair? Perhaps in a couple of months she'll get to that. My hair will have to remain in an almost-mullet style for now.

Have no fear - my swirl is still intact. In fact, it might be more accentuated now since the sides are trimmed.

And then today, in another act of miraculousness, Lucas was bathed! After ten days of epic failure in parenthood, mommy and abba decided to give Lucas a bath. Yes, finally the stars, a warmish apartment and the availability of hot water aligned so that baby brother got more than just a few cursory wipes with a warm cloth. And I must say, baby brother cleans up well!

Lucas' first bath at home six weeks ago.
There have been very few since.

Note all the hair he had back then.
FYI, he's balding now. No need
for hair cuts here!

The panic in his eyes when I told him baths were rare in this home 

Mommy and GongGong in attendance at the first bath
Thankfully, I get baths almost every night. Of course this could be due to the fact that I wear my food on my face, my hands and neck, not to mention the general messiness that comes with toddlerhood.

Ironically, the only one who didn't get a manicure this week (besides abba who would never ever agree to one) was mommy herself. Oh well, I bet she wouldn't want one anyway. 


  1. sorry....that girl was in Karmin, the band. try again......

  2. Gong gong is almost always in attendance at the scene of a bath, whether in person or on Skype!!! haha. I bet he couldn't handle that you went this long!

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