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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Time for Every Event: A Time to Be a Baby

Despite mommy never skipping a beat
with her coffee intake, Lucas manages to sleep

He like to chill
Perhaps I was a bit misleading in a previous entry, two posts ago, when I made Lucas sound like a Tolkien monster while I strummed a harp like a little angel bringing peace and harmony to mankind. These tiny and comatose newborns make bigger babies such as myself us look monstrous in comparison, both in weight and behavior.

The truth is that while Lucas acts like a newborn baby some of the time with his mysterious shrieks and duck call honk, he also acts very much like an infant in other ways. For instance, watching paint dry is a fascinating and riveting activity for him. Conversely, I am not satisfied with anything that does not provide loud bells and whistles, garish colors and sundry interactive buttons that may hold my attention for about 10 seconds. Maximum.

I suppose that for beleaguered parents the lethargic one is a welcomed break from my hyper-hyperness, my current phase of life. As you know, the Book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time for this and a time for that. For our purposes we will focus on a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to tear down and a time to build up, a time to throw (stones) and a time to gather (stones), a time to be silent and a time to speak. While Lucas is displaying some of the baby times, I am profoundly working on the others. For instance, throwing. I don't throw stones, but I do toss anything that comes into my hands. At the moment, I'm not so keen on building up either, but I am an expert at tearing down. Lucas and I are both working on the "time to cry," and actually, we are both simultaneously as well working on a "time to laugh."

Here is an example of my laugh. I worked very hard on it as part of my school day at Shalva. I think I scored an A+, don't you?

Mommy and abba are wondering when the destructive phase of my life will be balanced with a constructive phase. I am adept at knocking down, dismantling and throwing. Building and returning things to their rightful place is still not in my motor-skill vocabulary. But this is a right of passage for all babies. We are expected to be destructive for what may seem like centuries but really is only just a few months (to years). This video illustrates the contrast of baby behavior from one month to one year and five months.

Lucas is is in a pre-destructive phase and so my parents can enjoy this time while grappling with mine. I suppose you could say that for all parents there is a time for this and that as well which directly corresponds to baby times:

A time to savor and a time to sigh in defeat.

A time to proudly take photos and a time to maniacally pull hair out.

A time to laugh. And, for them too, a time to cry!


  1. Two wonderful, squeezable, kissable cuties!!! I look forward to the day i can see them in person. xo

  2. hahah. we pray all this is worked out by the end of march when, we return! both should be potty trained, able to say, thank yew, aunt debi,for the delightful gifts, and wave bye bye while throwing kisses to unca richard. got that under control???? xxxxooo dani'el and lukas!!! [or at least tony can do all that?]