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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Merry Christmas!! (??)

Lucas' first 12 Days of Christmas

How we spent the last three weeks...
GongGong and Mimi's Christmas present: one grandchild each

Twas the night before Christmas 
And all through the abode,
Babies were stirring continually
And "Silent Night" was no longer en vogue.
by Daniel Jansezian

If it seems strange to you that the title of my latest post is "Merry Christmas," then you are neither an Armenian from Jerusalem nor have you read mommy's article (disclaimer on the awkward headline - she said it is not hers). And chances are good that you are neither since this is rather random.

But this tricky bit of information has benefitted me greatly. Since I spent the first Christmas - December 25 - in the hospital, and Lucas was still in a newborn coma having been born just 36 hours before Christmas, at least we get to celebrate as Armenians on January 19 (the 18th is Christmas Eve). In fact, we celebrated the 12 days of Christmas in a disrupted cycle from the day we got back from the hospital until now, acknowledging various aspects of Christmas on various days, replete with TWO days of me opening presents, chestnuts roasted in a stove, wassail and lots of Christmas music.

Timed with the beginning and end of the Christmas season was GongGong's arrival and then departure. He arrived on December 25, just in time to see me off to sleep on Christmas night at the hospital and then he left on the eve of Armenian Christmas Eve. We had many good times together and yet today he morphed back into the computer and became an avatar yet again, someone I see only on the computer sadly.

Mimi was being clever - she bought me my very own
"cell phone." Fear not, I was not deceived.

Neither was I deceived by my very own remote control

Look what Santa left under the tree!

Where's my remote? I need to lower the volume on this one

Mimi and GongGong got me very cool gifts

So did Nanni and many others.
Thank you everyone!

But the best present of all ... :)

My swirl decided to pose for the
family photo

Although it was Armenian Christmas Eve, it was a regular day and I went to school as usual. I guess the celebrating had to come to an end some time. An entire month of Christmas would be just divine - no pun intended - but after missing that amount of time at school due to viruses and such, I suppose I had to stop partying and get back to the daily grind.

Actually, that also worked in my favor. As you can see, I missed my friends anyway and, although GongGong is gone gone, hugs are certainly not in short supply around here!

Ephraim and I are trying out for the basketball team 

...Or the band. Hm, decisions!

I missed Meir too. And Suri obviously fainted
with her head on the drum when she saw me.

Talia, unabashed, with her two boyfriends

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