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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

After a week of reaching new heights in drama, and effectively stealing the thunder from Lucas upon his first visit to the United States, my hospital stay has come to an end. I was determined to be healthy enough to be discharged on Tuesday night at the same exact time I should have been on a plane taking off for home. When you can generate an excuse like this to miss a flight, you know you are the King of Drama.

I apologize for leaving everyone high and dry on the blog and not posting sooner, but it was hard to write amidst all the commotion upon my arrival. I had so many visitors streaming in and out at my bedside at North Shore University Hospital as my New York family came flocking in for my arrival. Plus I had a whole new hospital staff with which to flirt and entertain. I believe they were duly impressed with my cuteness.

Oh and then there was Lucas. Here he was making his first appearance in the United States to meet Nanni and others but then, well, I happened. I successfully comandeered all possible attention from mere hours after we landed and for the next six days. Lucas was carted around in my quake as I remained tethered yet again to an oxygen saturation machine.

I used my time in the hospital wisely by kicking jet lag and running a comparison of hospitals and departments I have frequented in my 19 months of life. I had many more nurses in my Israeli hospital since they changed shifts three times a day - the more the merrier! But with just two nurses a day in Israel, the nursing care was a tad more fastidious. So much so that I wasn't even allowed off my bed except for a short trip to the play room. The food at NSUH was more like being in a New York diner. I had a three page menu from which to choose my daily meals. I will not even mention the food in the Israeli hospital.

The medical synopsis is thus: I had pneumonia in my lungs and other sundry upper respiratory viruses, which in turn caused a decrease in the oxygen saturation in my blood and difficulty breathing. I am happy to report I finally scored 100 on my "sats" and my breathing evened out very nicely. Mommy was panicking that this was going to take as long as my last lung bout - with RSV in Jerusalem. But perhaps I've learned my lesson on how to speed up the process (or drag it out, or even time it very dramatically).

Alas, my health arrived just a little bit too late. As I was being released from the hospital, abba was on a plane taking off for Israel. He will rejoin us soon to "pick us up" and have a decent, hopefully hospital-free, vacation. I will be convalescing in New York for the next couple of weeks.

I am sorry as well for the lack of photos, but my photographer has only just unpacked her suitcase today - six days after touching down. It took her quite some time to get her act together on this side of the Atlantic!


  1. Drama makes life so much more interesting! I wish you would visit Colorado and I can show you some real fun and drama at our house! Praying for healthy lungs and some rest for your amazing mama!

  2. In the end, thanks for making this extended stay possible. We are so happy to have you and Lucas here for all these days. Make sure to tell the readers about mommy's speech at Fiesta de Shalva. She was awesome.