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Monday, December 26, 2011

Let the Games Begin

Merry Crib-mas!
It is almost comical, but just as Lucas was getting ready to beat me out the doors of the hospital his own saturation levels dipped low when the nurses tried to give him a bottle. Now, this is nothing serious, but it was enough for the doctors to hang onto him as well for another day. As they are doing with me.

Honestly, I think they just love our family too much. It will be hard to see us go. Tears will be shed for sure. We have lit up various wards with Christmas cheer and Hanukkah candles. GongGong, like a little child, brought a suitcase worth of presents to the hospital and decorated my bed with reindeer antlers and slippers. Sure enough, he's almost as big a hit as I am.

Practicing for meeting baby brother
Meanwhile, I have telepathically communicated to Lucas the advantages of lattes over bottles and he seems to have gotten the picture. Thus his refluxing episode when a nurse deigned to give him a bottle rather than call mommy to the nursery. He's a quick learner, that one. I think I may have my hands full.

Time will only tell what tomorrow will hold for all of our releases. Mommy politely suggested to the doctors today that we be allowed to go outside and breathe some non hospital germ-free air. We did, and I slept.

Snoozing outside. Note what the O2 mask did to my cheeks!

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