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Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome Home!

It was like awaking to a new world
I have been home since Wednesday night, but have failed to inform you of that fact. I have been too busy celebrating!!

My own bed, room and mommy!
Oh, and with my own oxygen machine and monitor which sets off scary beeps through the night alternating with Lucas' banshee wails. We are a musical family.

...And a new boarder

But at least it was Christmas and decorated thusly!!

And I met Lucas in person

May I say it again?

What child is this??

He's a sleepy elf!

And here I am reacquainting myself with my toys at last!


  1. Hi Nicole and Tony,
    What a beautiful family you two produced!!
    Have a wonderful, wonderful New Year with your little boys and can't wait to see the new addition!! They are sooo cute!!
    Love ya!
    Pat and Mike

  2. What a Great Merry Christmas and New Year Present!!!

  3. Nicole and Tony,

    With both boys home it truly is a Happy New Year. They are beautiful.

    Margaret & Elliot

  4. WOW - You certainly know how to celebrate Christmas! I can't even imagine how you will top these two special gifts next year. Much love to all of you. Rodlyn