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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simply Irresistible

I believe, after a week, I have finally caught onto the ruse here: The doctors are extending my hospital visit because they want me to stay! I daresay they will actually miss me if they let me go.

Every morning I have at least two audiences with the doctors. At first, one comes in alone, sort of like a scout. He or she has a brief conversation with mommy, abba or mimi and then turns his or her attention to me. That is usually my cue to perform. I turn up the charm, break out my smile and usually clap my hands in sheer joy and bounce on the bed to reinforce my good progress.

Then, about an hour later, that same doctor brings back a whole audience of doctors and I repeat my performance for a larger crowd and of course, more ecstatically. I didn't realize that patients were required to put on a show, but the team enters my room very expectantly these days knowing that I don't disappoint. No matter what the prognosis, they all leave smiling after my brief show. I suppose I can understand why they want me to stay here. In fact, today, the head of pediatrics and another head-of-something-important doctor both came by and requested to take their photo with me. This picture will be used in a donor newsletter sent out by the hospital and will possibly make these doctors very famous! My irresistibility obviously knows no bounds.

We have now reached the one week mark at my hospital. It was this time last week that I dramatically arrived at the ER and was transferred to my new room. I have seen many doctors from some of my previous stays here. In my short life I have spent three full weeks at Hadassah Ein Karen Hospital and many other shorter visits even dating back to my pre-birth days. I have availed myself of all but three floors in this nine-floor building. Impressive for a young one such as myself.

I have also learned how to sleep well with tubes and wires wrapped around me and with the incessant beeping of other babies' oxygen machines. That reminds me - my roommate Gili went home tonight! I am happy for her, but I miss her already. And plus, she was much quieter and in need of much less O2 than my new neighbor.

Ephraim with his family after lighting the first Hanukkah candle.
He will probably be discharged tomorrow with his very own oxygen tank!

This being the wonderful holiday of Hanukkah, replete with delicious donuts and fun candles, I am not the only entertainment around here. Every day a stream of entertainers comes through my room with candy, gifts, music and other shenanigans. If there is any season of the year to spend time in a hospital in the Jewish state, I have hit pay dirt! The candy and entertainment are abundant!

Bring on the clowns

I got a personal serenade by a lovely violinist

I was in awe

In fact, I nearly leapt from my bed in glee

Brava!! This made me want to take violin lessons.
Hmm, maybe after my discharge.


  1. Yes, you are irresistable. Just four more days.

  2. I'm glad to see your feeling better.