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Thursday, December 22, 2011

RSV*P Times Two (Updated)

Look at me back when I had my freedom just two weeks ago
OUTSIDE of a hospital prison bed!
Oh that this post were about a party invitation, this being the holiday season and all. I would répondez s'il vous plaît. But that is not what this post is about. Instead, this is about the actual virus that the lab has finally determined that I have: RSV. Read about all the fun involved with that on another page.

Although, perhaps it is a party of sorts. I just found out that my friend Ephraim, in addition to having the adenovirus, he also has RSV, which he picked up while here. So it is a party in some ways and us buddies have RSVP'd to be in attendance!

And more proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Do you remember this video of me and one of my classmates that went viral? (No pun intended.)

Well, this cute girl in the pink shirt was also believed to have RSV and was in another hospital across the city from me.

Oh, and then there are these photos. Note not the rodent in my hand, but the pacifier attached to my shirt in the first picture.

Pacifier attached to shirt

Pacifier NOT attached to shirt. In the hands of another cute girl.
We can't determine with any certainty whether we exchanged viruses while air-kissing or sharing my pacifier, but needless to say, any gathering of us crumb crunchers is a viable breeding ground for these germs. As are hospitals. Now mommy has a cement wall of congestion in her sinuses, again, and abba is warding off his own small cold. Mimi is still standing strong and I can only hope she remains unscathed by this madness so I have somebody healthy to care for me.

I guess that makes my brother a smart one for holding on a couple more days while the rest of us out here sort out our problems. Anyway, its my show and I didn't ask him to RSVP just yet and steal my thunder!

Meanwhile, mommy wants to know how "nesting" - the phenomenon of organizing your house in the last days of pregnancy - can occur in a hospital room. Will she clean the pediatric ward instead? Will she organize files on her computer for lack of a physical space to set straight? Also, they say not to go to the hospital until contractions are 3 minutes apart. That is what she did with me and it worked out well for her. But if you are already in the hospital, do you wait until they are like 15 seconds apart to make the 2 minute journey from one ward, down the elevator, to the delivery room?

While here, holed up in the hospital, mommy had the unfortunate opportunity to receive in her inbox  one of those now irritating pregnancy timeline emails:

"Five things you should do before going into labor:

  • Have your house cleaned
  • Prepare food
  • Indulge in a little pampering
  • Have some fun
  • Find a doctor for your baby"

Hahaha, yea right. Pampering? Prepare food? Luxuries not to be had for her any time soon, I think. I get the pampering and food at the moment, as planned. Maybe she will have someone clean her house - and that only because we left in a flurry not to return any time soon. Trust me, I can tell that even cleaning would be a welcome diversion from the hospital for the rest of my family.

But not just yet as we remain tethered to IV cords and oxygen masks here at my hospital.

See that red bulb on my foot - I am the Israeli version of Rudolph.
I have a red toe that glows rather than nose!


  1. Continuing to pray for you Daniel, your parents, and your brother.
    With Love, Susan

    PS. Hang in there Nicole.

  2. This was hilarious!!