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Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Baaaaack... to my Shenanihans

My swirl has taken a serious hit from
this mystery virus. Out.Of. Control.
After two harrowing days of feverish sleeping and lethargic listlessness, I emerged from the fog on Saturday morning to rediscover my award-winning smile, food and, among others, my very cute roommate. More on her, and my outstanding luck, later.

In the meantime, as doctors not-so-feverishly try to discover which virus is the reason for the thing in my lungs that is causing my low O2 levels, I continue on my path to wellness nonetheless. Although I haven't seen him, mommy reassures me that Ephraim from my class is also here, just across the hall. He was as shocked as I was to find out that we were both here, but still not allowed to play with each other. That is a crime. So close yet so far.

"Daniel is here too?? Its about time - I've been in the hospital,
in these weird PJs, all alone for a week before he got here!
Cause for rejoicing - we are not alone

Now if only we could play together
Yesterday, mommy decided to pull back the curtain by my bed so I could see that, yes, there is a world out there. And this was my first view:

When the curtain was removed from
between our prison, er I mean hospital, beds,
I discovered this cutie next to me.

Hi Gili! (Boy did I luck out!)

This isn't a bad set up!

They say that a sign of a baby's recovery is their eating. Well, in my case its not just eating but my selection in eating. I patently refused to accept any more of the hospital slop for dinner and instead ate half of mommy's bowl of pasta. That is a true sign of my recovery.

Back in my lethargic state, I could only be moved by
Hanukkah donuts. But with a chocolate syringe, wouldn't you too?
There may be nothing better than a chocolate syringe.

When I really came to and discovered the slop the hospital
was trying to pawn off on me, I went on a hunger
 strike until mommy gave me some of her pasta.
Its called discernment. And it means I'm getting better.

And then, best of all, was a visit from Gavriella, one of my Shalva girlfriends if not my main one (this statement is going to cause a riot in Har Nof), on Sunday night! Gavriella always brightens my day and seeing her at the hospital almost sent me into shock. At the first sight of her in my hospital room, I actually turned my back on her until I regained my composure. But when I got over the shock, sheer joy ensued!


  1. ok.....hallel is way jealous of that chick in the bed next to daniel.....she says" hands off my boyfriend!!!!!!"

  2. So happy you are feeling better (pretty obvious isn't it). FYI - the original Hanukkah doughnuts were filled with jelly, not chocolate.

  3. Hi Nicole,
    You don't know me but I'm Lori's sister. And I love reading your blog! It's in my "favorites" folder. Big yay that Daniel is feeling better. Those pics are so darling-thanks for sharing them! Blessings to your whole family. Love, Amy

  4. Way to Go Daniel! So glad you are back to your charming adorable self :) Rodlyn

  5. Welcome back. It's so great to see that smile.